L’Bri Review

L’Bri Review

Introduction to L’Bri

“L’Bri Pure n’ Natural” is a skin care, beauty and nutritional products company created by Linda (L) and Brian (Bri) Kaminski in 1998. Since then, it has steadily grown into a powerful and profitable company working with thousands independent sales Consultants and leaders. It maintains a very loyal customer base, with about 40% of its monthly sales coming from repeat purchases made from long time customers.

They have developed a plethora of products that fall into but are not limited to the following categories: Skin care, body care, anti-aging, sun-care, health and wellness and cosmetics. L’Bri goes to great lengths to ensure that its products always arrive fresh to the customer, shipped directly at them with no middleman in order to be at peak freshness. L’Bri utilizes an extremely lengthy ingredient list for all its products but aloe is always the first, central, star ingredient. Aloe has been widely researched and studied, and there have been numerous findings on it’s health benefits. Chief among them are the following: Aloe soothes rashes and skin irritations, treats burns, heals cold sores, moisturizes hair and scalp, treats constipation and helps with digestion, boosts the immune system, provides antioxidants and reduces inflammation and potentially, even goes as far as curing diabetes.

The L’Bri Skincare Program

The L’Bri basic skin care program is composed of a three distinct steps. It is a regimen that includes a cleanser, a freshener and a moisturizer. The combination of these three components promises to holistically improve and enhance the appearance and health of your skin. To get a broader understanding of the company’s products, short overviews of these three distinct products will be presented below:

  • L’Bri Gentle Cleanser: This is the very step in L’Bri’s skincare system. It is formulated by using the brand’s signature aloe vera base, coupled with plant based ingredients and vitamins to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin. It gently cleans the skin, while removing all kinds of impurities such as dirt, oil or spots making it look more even and thus younger and healthier. Oh. It smells great too. There are three varieties of the cleanser, depending on your skin type: Gentle, for dry, normal or sensitive. There is the deep pore cleanser, which is for oily skin and finally, there is the oil control version, which is for skin types that are excessively oily. In any case, after long term use, this product is bound to leave your skin feeling much smoother and softer.
  • L’Bri Gentle Freshener: The second step in L’Bri’s skin regimen is the L’Bri freshener, a product dedicated to tone and freshen up your skin. It is completely alcohol-free and adds a strong layer of protection to your skin while maintaining its natural pH balance. Like all L’Bri products, the signature ingredient aloe vera is at the heart of this product. It also includes vitamin B5 (Panthenol), Sodium PCA and plant extracts such as chamomille and ginseng that rejuvenate damaged and aged skin, improve the body’s circulation and soothe irritation of all kinds. It is completely safe to use even around the eyes, and is completely free of artificial dyes. To gleam maximum benefit from the product, the freshener has to be applied twice a day, morning and night.
  • L’Bri Gentle Moisturizer: This is the third, final step in L’Bri’s skincare system. Using it’s Gentle Moisturizer to deeply hydrate, restore and soothe dry or irritated skin. There is a great number of powerful skincare ingredients packed inside this product, including Vitamin A, C and E, Sodium PCA, deep ocean sea plants (red and brown seaweeds) and natural botanic extracts. It contains no heavy oils, waxes, fillers, mineral or lanolin oils and is completely free of artificial dyes. Through vigilant use, twice a day, right after the freshener, one will get a much softer, smoother and younger looking skin.

Other L’Bri Products

Like we mentioned earlier, the three step skincare regimen is the cornerstone of L’Bri’s skincare system. But it does not end there. The company went above and beyond and created many more products for you to enjoy. Even though we believe that introducing yourself to the company via the aforementioned products would be better, as they promise a holistic approach to skincare, you might be interested in checking out the following products as well. They are of the highest quality, and will definitely give you a big bang for your buck:

  • L’Bri Facial Masque: This product has a thick, and somewhat sticky feel to it – it also hardens quickly, so it’s best to minimize distractions and apply it immediately. When applied, it sort of feels like an instant face lift, as crazy as that sounds. The skin tightens almost instantly and stays tight until it nears its end, when it slowly starts cracking. That is your cue for rinsing it off. It is really easy to remove, and using only a reasonable amount of warm water should be sufficient. After having it removed, merely touching your skin will immediately show you how immensely beneficial it were for your skin. Your face and neck are going to feel amazingly soft and refreshed and any kind of blemishes and spots will gradually fade away in the long run. You will look years younger soon enough if you stick with it.
  • L’Bri Rejuvenating Facial Peel: This is an all natural, zero chemicals exfoliating cleanser that promises to improve skin tone, clarity and texture. It is applied in a circular motion and sort of feels like a gel. After applying it you will feel it removing the dead skin from your face. It is easy to remove: Warm water is sufficient. Moreover, due to its natural ingredient composition the product will not irritate your skin, even if it is prone to irritation. This is ideal for those having sensitive, acne-prone facial skin. L’Bri’s Rejuvanating Facial Peel will definitely help you address your problematic areas and if not outright heal them, it will absolutely significantly improve your conditions.