Nars Dolce Vita Lipstick

Nars Dolce Vita Lipstick

Nars cosmetics was founded by Francois Nars a famous French photographer and renowned makeup artist. Nars launched the Cosmetics line with twelve lipsticks which sold at Barneys in New York in 1994.

Nars cosmetics has created various multi-use beauty and skin care products. One of their best selling and customer favorite product is the Lipstick.

The lipsticks are usually enriched with a vitamin that increases wearability and maintains a true color that is locked into place. Nars lipsticks impart a semi-matte color in order for the lips to be left with a full-bodied sheer finish and a velvety look.

The product has a gorgeously sheer formula which is infused with ingredients to improve the lips’ conditions. The long lasting, sheer color pigments have been shelved in the translucent formula to offer a sophisticated shine.

And the lightweight formula smoothly glides on. The patented blend of antioxidants and conditioners hydrate, protect and nourish lips.

Nars Dolce Vita Sheer Lipstick

Nars lipstick in Dolce Vita is a gorgeous shade. It is widely liked especially by light skinned ladies for its sheer dusty rose finish. The dolce vita is subtle not to mention very lady like. This product despite being a little pricey is unmatchable in quality and color richness in its finishes.


NARS Sheer LipstickThe sheer lipstick product comes packaged in classic NARS packaging. A black cardboard box is the products outer covering, with details written in white and the brand name on it.

The lipstick is in Signature Nars Black tube which is rubberized on the outside and on the inside a matte black.

The brand’s name is printed on the cap in white and a shade name label at the bottom. The elegance and simplicity of the packaging top it all.

The bullet firmly closes and is lightweight and easy to carry in the handbag for touch ups.

Product description

This lipsticks formula is sheer and infused with quality ingredients which improve the conditions of the lip after application.

The color pigments infused in the product are long lasting and have a signature shine finish.

It is also enriched with a blend of antioxidants and conditioners which help protect and keep the lips hydrated.

Its lightweight formula which makes it easy to apply as it glides on smoothly. This product is said to be fragrance-free which is a plus is for it. Its scent is subtle and not so overwhelming. It can be felt on the tube itself but once it is applied, it does not emit any scents.

Texture and Finish

The lipstick has a very creamy and smooth texture. It feels very hydrating and moisturizing on the lips. The product’s slight glossy nature doesn’t necessarily make the lips feel heavy, the slightly glossy finish can’t be felt on the lips either.

The lipstick has more than one pigmentation and feels like a balm.  It does not dry lips or make them bleed.

The lipstick is very comfortable to put on and even when layered up or on top of any other lipstick, the lips never feel weighed down. It adds to the moisture of the lips instead.

The sheer lipstick has a different look on every person and every lip looks beautiful on all.

The lipstick has a gorgeous shade with warm red undertones that suits all skin tones. Every skin tone can work with the sheer shade while giving it its signature look.

The product has a natural look on the lips and whether on makeup or not, the shade looks absolutely perfect.

Pigmentation and Staying Power

This lipstick boasts of a very soft and rosy shade with a glossy finish. It is surely not for you if you are considering a lot of color on your lips. Since it is a sheer lipstick, it may be layered over and it is very buildable. It manages to cover the lips’ pigmentation to a great extent.

The staying duration is about 2-3 hours. Which is an expectation of any sheer finish lipstick.

Thus there is the need to reapply.

Nars Dolce Vita Swatches

The product’s formula adheres to the NARS name, it feels undeniably luxurious to apply. The product is a sheerer formula.

Nars Dolce Vita Swatches packs up a punch with pigmentation that it contains leaving the lips feeling hydrated and silky.

Dolce Vita colors shift from face to face, or lips to lip, while in the tube the product is in the stereotypical nude; i.e. a fairly equal brown and pink color mix.

Tips on Finding Perfect Nude Lipstick

Getting that perfect nude lipstick isn’t as easy as one would think. Using nude lipsticks that are too dark would make you look like you are working hard on making brown color lipstick happen, which in the ’90s way isn’t cool.

A lighter version of the nude lipsticks would make one start resembling the living dead.

First off knowing your skin tone is very important before trying to get yourself a nude type of lipstick.

Types of Skin Tones

Alabaster; this is a milky and fair skin tone. People with these type of skin tones should attempt on using a soft, dusty baby pink. Going for a beige nude lipstick would make one look horrible.

They should avoid the super opaque and flat nudes and use sheerer formula instead.

Fair Skin; Look for a rosy-beige nude lipstick. The skin and the nude lipsticks should often match, like in the fashion magazines. A separation and warmth between lips and skin would be appropriate in real life though.

Light Skin Tone; Warmer nude shade is preferable to ladies with light-skinned and marginally olive undertones.


The Dolce Vita brand is classic since it works miracles for most women. The lipsticks are always looking appropriate and easy to wear.

Once one starts using the product, it’s not easy to go without it, since the product gets adapted to a variety of eye shadows and blushes.

Nars Dolce Vita Lipstick is the cashmere hoodie of the world of lipstick and every lady should get herself a cashmere hoodie.