SK-II Facial Treatment Mask


Outdoor activities are fun especially in the summer time, it is a holiday and everybody is out and about at the beach and everywhere else fun is. At such a time, there is only one thing that many people especially the beauties are not cool with, the glaring and scorching sunlight, the sweating, dried up skin and acne.

Sunscreen is just never enough a solution to help you stay on point. Ever partied a whole weekend back to back until your face and eyes were all puffy, your skin was dehydrated and flaky but you still had that one party that you were not going to miss? Then I have the solution you are looking for, it is very real and it is the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask.

The SK-II Facial Treatment Mask is a Japanese luxurious cotton mask which is ideal for the rough and dry skin. The mask is drenched in pitera and this gives it an intense hydration boost which happens in only 10 minutes.

Pitera is basically a byproduct of yeast fermentation. Being natural and rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals and organic acids, it gives SK-II facial treatment mask its amazing powers on puffy, dry, broken skin. As a bridal ritual in Japan, brides use facial treatment masks every day for a least a week before their big day.


SK-II Facial Treatment Mask oThe packaging is pretty elegant and simplistic. It comes packed in an outer box labeled SK-II with big print visible from afar. Inside there are ten silver sachets each with a facial treatment mask.

The mask is usually pretty wet dripping with a thick aloe like substance. When you pick it up there is always residue liquid substance that is left inside the sachet. I have discovered that you can use a mask twice. After the first use, you just need to put it back in the sachet, seal and keep it upright for some time. You can also add a few drops of water to enhance the soaking.

The package of ten masks retails at $135 on average at most stores, with the trick I explained above, this means that for $135 you get 20 times of facial treatment with SK-II mask enhanced with pitera.

It is pretty easy to unpack and use the product as the box and sachet both have directions on how to open. I would advise care though as the product is too much and too slimy. One should avoid losing the product in the process.

Mind you the product does not affect how the mask attaches to the face, as it does not loosen during the entire time it is on. It does not even slide once attached.

This sounds all quite expensive but I assure you it is worth every penny. The results of this treatment are unmatchable and are witnessed as fast as after ten minutes of having the mask on and can last up to two days.

Unless you are in a hurry though you could also sleep in the mask for maximum impact. It is worth noting that the mask fits onto the face perfectly and feels very comfortable. You can actually be able to do stuff with it on, you can even brush your teeth, and blow dry your hair.

It is, however, more relaxing if you lay down with it and probably read a page or two of your favorite magazine. After removing the mask, it is always a good idea to rub in the excess product into your face. The product is thick but none sticky and feels good to massage in.

For an even more enhanced result, one could adopt the trend that has swept the beauty industry across the board of a mask a day.

Although this kind of practice was already well practiced in Asia especially in the popular Korean beauty regime that has gotten beauty bloggers and editors on their heels, it is now a trend to follow only this time with the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask.

Alternatively, if you have an upcoming important event, you can break from your normal facial treatment program and adopt ten nights with this mask. Those are pretty enough to get your face glowing and radiant for the important event. Wear your SK-II mask for at least ten minutes before you sleep.


Pitera, a blend of vitamins, amino acids minerals and natural acids is the active ingredient and the one responsible for the skin’s rejuvenation allowing the skin to stay at its best. Other ingredients include Water, Sodium Salicylate, Saccharomycopsis Butylene Glycol, Methyl paraben, Xanthan Gum, Disodium EDTA, and Ferment Filtrate.

The results

From the elegant silver foil packaging to the sheer amount of pitera rich serum inside the package, the product can be described as iconic. The results are instant, your skin will look brighter. It will regain its plumpness, look refreshed and moisturized.

This facial treatment also takes care of your skin tone, it evens your skin and takes away any redness. If these all are instant results you get with a first use, imagine the wonders this product could do with continued use over a specific time period, no wonder it is used by brides in Japan prior to their wedding days. You would feel like you just had a facial all the time because of the awesomeness the product brings to your face. Mind you this all will not cost you an arm or a leg.


SK-II Facial Treatment Mask is an expensive product given that a piece would go for $17 but of course, it will be cheaper when you buy a packet of ten for $135.

The product has been a must have for high-end celebrities and models but nevertheless, it takes trying it and you will be obsessed. It is like no other mask I have come across. Its results speak for it as those who have tried it testify that it is worth every dollar, given that after the treatment many prefer to go without makeup due to the awesome on their faces.