Tom Ford Lipstick Review

Tom Ford Lipstick Review

It is said that the best things in life are free, at least for some people, and for the most part, it is agreeable. Except when it comes to Tom Ford.

Tom Ford is a renowned American designer. He launched the Tom Ford brand in the year 2005, with a mission of redefining modern luxury. He is synonymous with the timeless, sexy, superior and timeless workmanship.

The brand has a variety of products from eyewear, menswear, accessories, women’s wear and beauty.

Tom Ford contemplates that beauty is a compelling way for ladies to transform themselves. He believes that skin care, fragrance, and makeup have the potential to allow a real woman become inspirational and as glamorous as she possibly can be.

To him, there isn’t any dramatic accessory than an impeccable lip. The lip is the emphasis on the face, it has the supremacy to define a ladies’ whole look.

Every Lip Color is Tom Ford’s contemporary ideal of an important makeup shade. Tom Ford is a luxe beauty brand that’s known by many and loved.

Exotic and rare ingredients entailing Brazilian murumuru butter, chamomilla flower oil and soja seed extract generate an ultra-creamy texture that has an incredibly smooth application.

The high-pigment are also done in the above rare and exotic ingredients.

Particular color pigments are treated then blended to convey pure color that has just the correct luminosity balance.

Tom Ford’s lipsticks is a set of 12 lipsticks costing a mind blowing the total of $588, each going for $49.  The box is free though, great deal huh?

The lipsticks colors are blush nude, pink dusk, nude vanilla, sable smoke, Casablanca, wild ginger, Indian rose, purple noon, cherry lush, crimson noir, true coral, violet fatale and Spanish pink.

The $2650 Tom Ford’s set of Lipsticks

Tom Ford has been determined to have his beauty empire built into an economic powerhouse that rivals his corporate siblings MAC Cosmetics, Clinique and Estee Lauder.

He has become a full-blown universal beauty brand

In 2015 the brand released a collection of 50-piece of its much-adored Lips & Boys lipsticks, the collection has 25 of brand new lipsticks and 25 of its original shades.

And the price tag of the set? A whopping $2650. Having a look at the set isn’t a crime if you blanched.

Have your eyes feasting on the gilded bullets, bask in the beauty of the delectable shades collection and in the exquisite way the lipstick collection fit snugly in the sleek black box.

Lips and Boys

Lips and Boys is a collective collection line of twenty-five lipstick shades. As the line suggests, Lips& Boys include shades of various boy’s names, including the Toronto native rapper Drake.

In 2014, the first collection of Lips & Boys was released.

There are ten shade ranges that encompass violets and plums, nude browns, reds, metallic and light pinks.

36 offerings are the new shades; ten from velvet suede, Tom Ford’s current periodic color story, and 4 are from the previous seasons.

Tom Ford’s best-selling predictions were a coral hue, Tomas, Matthew, Flynn, a coral pink, a deep rose, Patrick, a muted coral pink and Giacomo.

Each clutch lipstick size retails for $32. Sets of any given three hues would be used in packaging the lipstick collection.

The Lips and Boys collection is estimated to do roughly $10 million at retail worldwide in its 8 weeks on the counter.

Tom Ford on Lipstick Testing

He notes that even though he doesn’t try all the shades on his lips when launching a new formula he normally tries the formula on his lips before giving his final verdict and approval.

He goes on to say that before purchasing a lipstick, how you feel with the lipstick on is very key, understanding whether it feels great or waxy, whether the lips stick together or how the lips feel when lipstick is taken off is also important.

Why men’s names for ladies lipsticks

Tom Ford says that he’s always been in love with the masculine-feminine thing. The designer goes on to note that most of his products are unisex.

While not necessarily expecting a lot of gentlemen to wear the lipsticks, he regardless likes the concept.

Tom Ford’s few high-end Lipstick

1. Ultra-Rich Lip Color Lipstick

Tom Ford Lipstick

The ultra-rich lipstick is a high-shine and full-coverage lipstick that moisturizes the lips. The lipstick saturates the lips with high shine, hydration and rich lip that stays up for about 6 hours.

The Ultra- Rich color leaves the lips looking softer, suppler and smoother while it reduces the flaking of lips.

2. Lip Color Matte

Tom Ford Lipstick Review

The ruby rush color matte lipstick imparts a powerfully stylish full-coverage, unadulterated appearance.

The lipstick with its velvet matte finish smooths onto the lips comfortably. The matte lipstick features a whole spectrum of splendidly pigmented hues. Each of the collections lipstick amplifies its individuality with long-wearing, maximum impact

Is the Tom Ford set of Lipstick worth $50 each?

Tom Ford’s makeup shades are very definitive. The lipsticks can be found in two distinctive finishes, the “Lip Color” that ranges from those with a slight sheen to almost matte.

Then there is the “Lip Color Shines” which is glossier. There are all sorts of colors that would suit wide ranges of skin tones.

With a very stunning packaging as one would expect from a $50 lipstick, unexpectedly the gold accents are not really made of gold, as in the case of Casablanca lipstick.

There are fingerprints on the packaging, with a TF logo written on the lipstick bullet, you wouldn’t want to use the lipstick since it would ruin the spotless TF imprint.


The lipsticks are comfortable and moisturizing when put on. As the designer Tom Ford promises on the products smoothness, they surely don’t disappoint on that.

Even though the set doesn’t claim to be long-lasting and even with its special ingredients, it fades often and therefore reapplication after eating or drinking needs to be done.

Tom Ford’s lipsticks are one of a kind except that they have a long-lasting drawback. But that can be solved by carrying the package in your little clutch bag.

Otherwise, when you stumble on a color that you’ve fallen head over heels with, splurge on it.